East Tower in CBD New Capital administration

East Tower, the new administrative capital, is the urban renaissance that the capital is witnessing, and it is a new project that bears the name of the company that owns it, and it has great experience in the field of construction and buildings. The East Tower project is its third real estate project for UC Development, where it The company offers us a commercial mall in the capital designed according to the latest European style, and it also has a distinctive view of the most famous tower in Africa, which is the iconic tower that is located within the central business district in the heart of the new capital, and it was also called a skyscraper because it consists of a ground floor and 40 floors. An upper floor that includes administrative offices, shops, and hotel apartments, inside the largest commercial projects, with a wonderful view of the main streets facing the famous iconic tower.

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Project details East Tower in CBD New Capital administration

East Tower, the new administrative capital
The developer company, UC Developments, worked on selecting the most distinguished strategic locations for its new project, East Tower, which is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the Central Business District (CBD), specifically in plot cn-08, and it directly overlooks the iconic tower and the Green River. The location of the East Tower project is close to the important areas and the main axes, and it is also distinguished by being located in the most vital places.
Some of the roads and places near East Tower are the following:
The financial and business district is also close to the government district.
Al Sefarat Neighborhood, the Diplomatic Quarter and also near Parliament.
The regional ring road and also near the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
The seventh and eighth residential neighborhoods R7, R8, 5 minutes from East Tower.
The famous Al-Massa Hotel and the Gold Souk are 15 minutes away from the Capital's East Tower.
Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and also close to the cathedral church.
Heliopolis is about half an hour away.
Capital International Airport is minutes away from the capital's East Tower.
International schools and international universities near the capital's East Tower.
The Opera House is a short distance from the East Tower, the administrative capital.
Oil companies and also close to the monorail train station.
The space of East Tower, the new administrative capital
UC Real Estate Development Company was keen to choose a huge plot of land for the construction of the East Tower project in the New Administrative Capital in order to accommodate all the services and facilities provided by the project with the latest international technologies, in addition to the availability of a package of various investment units that come in varying sizes and at the best competitive prices in order to Each client chooses the type of investment unit that is suitable for his financial capabilities.
Therefore, a piece of land was chosen in the central area overlooking the main streets, and the land area is about 12,000 square meters, and the mall was designed to have a high height of 40 upper floors, and the company also provided a variety of different sizes of existing units, whether commercial or administrative offices. Or luxury residential apartments, where the floors are allocated to be commercial shops from the ground floor to the second floor, administrative offices and companies from the third floor to the 30th floor, and hotel apartments from the 31st floor to the 40th floor, and it is characterized by its view of green spaces and landscapes.

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Services and features of East Tower, the new administrative capital
East Tower, the new administrative capital, has a distinguished package of special services and facilities, and gives customers the enjoyment of all means and entertainment services, and this was the keenness of UC Real Estate Investment and Development Company to meet all the needs of customers and investors.
Among these features and services at East Tower Mall are the following:
Vast green spaces to give a distinct view to all investment units.
Shops containing the most luxurious international brands.
(pharos hypostyle - agora - Indian gate - sakura Street - la piazza).
Secured meeting rooms and equipped with all necessary tools.
Offices for complaints and suggestions in East Tower, the new administrative capital.
A maintenance unit to repair public utilities in the event of a malfunction.
A cleaning team and they also work periodically to serve East Tower, the administrative capital.
Panoramic stairs, and there are 14 electric elevators in the East Tower Mall, the capital.
Children's entertainment areas are also fully secured.
Restaurants and cafes at a high level.
A private garage for cars and a garden, as it consists of 5 floors.
Billboards on the mall's destinations to illuminate the central business district.
Security personnel and guards at a high security level and work around the clock.
Technology in security and security through surveillance cameras and also works throughout the day.