Clock Towers New Capital administration

In the admin area in the Down Town with only 10% down payment on 12 years to be delivered by 2024 with areas starting from 30m2 up to 700m2


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Project details Clock Towers New Capital administration

About the project
The project has land area of 5500m2 G+8 to be admin areas for sale with 10% discount at launch time.
With experience exceeding 25years in the development sector the company enters the market in New Capital with Clock Tower project
The tower is located in front of the parliament in the admin area at the down town with direct view on the presidential palace.
Project space
The total land area of the project is 5500m2 with areas starting from 30m2 to 700m2
Services of the tower
Reception area
3 open plaza areas
Conference & meeting rooms
4 underground parking levels
House keeping
Open areas for coffee & smoking
3 panoramic view elevators
The owning company of Clock Tower
It is Elasema Company for development with more than 25years of experience and more than 50 residential project in New Cairo. The company delivers annually 75,000m2 residential use and it has 2 malls in New Cairo, The Venue Mall, Grand Capital Mall.
Pros of the Admin District at Down Town
It only consists of admin buildings
The whole area is 27acre
40% only is the footprint
60% green spaces
All buildings are G+8 only