Capital Dubai Mall and Spire Tower New Capital

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Where both projects are golden opportunities that will not be repeated, as they combine between the elegant and distinguished location in the best locations of the New Administrative Capital, and the unique modern designs that suit the sophistication of the New Capital, in addition to many distinguished services provided in both projects with a wonderful price plan that is one of the most important factors for any successful investor, in addition to the highly flexible and distinctive booking and payment systems.
With booking deposits starting from 10%, and payment systems up to 8 years.


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Project details Capital Dubai Mall and Spire Tower New Capital

Capital Dubai Mall and Spire Tower New Capital
Dubai Company is considered one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt and the Middle East, as it has a long history in the field of real estate development in the Emirate of Dubai in the Emirates, and it also has many large residential works that exceed 6,000 housing units, and Dubai Real Estate Development Company seeks to provide urban and residential communities at the highest level of sophistication and luxury, and to meet the needs of its customers in terms of the units they need.

The most important works of Dubai Real Estate Development Company in the Administrative Capital:
📍 Capital Dubai Mall the new administrative capital
Which is considered one of the unrepeatable investment opportunities, as it combined the upscale location due to its location in the R7 area with the modern design that is compatible with the sophistication of the New Administrative Capital, in addition to the Capital Dubai Mall's price plan that attracts any successful investor, in addition to the Extremely flexible and distinctive reservation and payment systems.

⬅ The distinguished location of the Capital Dubai Mall :
Capital Dubai Mall, the capital, is located in Plot No. 1 in the R7 region, which is the area that is close to all the main freeways and all important roads in the Administrative Capital, specifically adjacent to the public park in the services area, and the Dubai Mall in this distinguished location, will provide its services to more than 42 residential areas.

Places near Dubai Capital Mall:
The Dubai Mall, the administrative capital, is located specifically in the R7 region, located directly on the central freeway parallel to the southern freeway of Mohammed bin Zayed.
Capital Dubai, the New Administrative Capital, is close to the largest neighborhood in the New Capital, the Diplomatic Quarter.
Within minutes, it is possible to reach the largest religious monuments famous in the Middle East located in the capital, which are the Cathedral Church and Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
The "Dubai Capital" Mall is adjacent to the largest projects in the New Capital.
The Dubai Capital, the new administrative capital, is a short distance from the exhibition grounds and the government complex, and it is about half an hour away from Cairo.
The Dubai Mall, the administrative capital, is located next to the most famous universities, including the "Canadian and British Universities".
The Green River and Al Masa Hotel can be reached in just 3 minutes.
Dubai Capital, the administrative capital, is about 4 minutes away from Chinatown.

The design and space of the Capital Dubai Mall, the new administrative capital
The Capital Dubai Mall, the new administrative capital, was designed by specialized experts in Dubai Real Estate Development Company, where the Dubai Mall facade is located on a street with a width of 75 meters, and three side streets, each with a width of 35 meters, and It consists of a ground floor in addition to the first and second floors, and the units vary in it to include all types of units and shops.
The total area of the mall is 14,000 square meters, while the project's sales area is 16,000 square meters.

Services provided by the Capital Dubai New Capital project
The project offers a variety of services that serve all customers and investors, and among these services we mention the following:
Green spaces and gardens surrounded by lush and tall trees give it an attractive urban view in Capital Dubai, the new administrative capital.
The "food court" area in the mall square can be enjoyed in the best area that offers the best services.
Dancing water fountains that operate on a daily basis and are designed in European style in the Square of Capital Dubai, the new capital.
Garages and a large private parking that includes a large number of customers' cars inside the Capital Dubai Capital.
Large multi-purpose shops with a large number of international brands.
A café on the rooftop of Dubai Capital is uniquely designed and serves the finest types of drinks.
The main entrance to the Capital Dubai Mall is designed in a European style with distinctive electronic gates.
Automated teller machines (ATMs) are located inside the mall, to facilitate withdrawals for customers.
International-class glass facades, as it is designed to insulate heat and dust in Capital Dubai.
The mall has a number of generators, which operate automatically when the electricity is out.
Distributing a number of bathrooms on each floor divided between men and women inside the Capital Dubai Mall, the new administrative capital.

The advantages unique to the Capital Dubai Mall, the new capital
One of the most important features of the mall is that it is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, and is close to the most important areas and main roads in the Capital Dubai Mall, the New Administrative Capital.
Huge electric elevators for loading, especially for large goods, and there are other elevators for customers inside the Capital Dubai Mall.
Providing an alarm system for the speedy control of fires, and there are a number of firefighting pipes in each floor.
High-speed internet services operate continuously without interruption in the Capital Dubai Mall, the new capital.
The mall operates with a solar energy system, in order to save electricity consumption and is considered one of the environmentally friendly projects.
Huge central air conditioning to distribute fresh air completely inside the Capital Dubai Mall , the new capital.
Security and guards inside and outside the mall to secure it, which work throughout the day and all days of the week in the Capital Dubai Mall, the administrative capital.
The mall facades are cleaned with a modern automatic system.
A special entertainment area for children with all games suitable for their ages.
Distribution of a number of surveillance cameras inside and outside the mall in order to monitor all events.
Within Capital Dubai Mall, there are fully finished administrative units and services.
A spacious and well-equipped conference room inside the mall, especially for businessmen.
Sky Lounge is for sitting, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

📍Spire Tower New Administrative Capital:
The Spire Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Africa and the Middle East. It is a commercial, administrative, and medical mall located in the Tourist Towers area in Downtown and overlooking the Green River. It also consists of a ground floor and 25 typical floors, and the space of the units in the Spire Tower Mall starts from 40 square meters.
The strategic location of Spire Tower Mall, the new administrative capital
Dubai Real Estate Company was keen to establish a huge, unique shopping mall, which was designed with the best distinctive plans, so we find that it is located in a strategic location linking the most important roads and main freeways, as it is located in the tourist towers area in Downtown and overlooks the Green River, and close to the most important vital areas.

The most important features of the Spire Tower, New Administrative Capital:
Spire Mall, the Administrative Capital, is located near Al Masa Hotel.
You can reach from the mall to the Green River in the shortest time.
The distance between Spire Tower Mall and the government district is very short.
The project is minutes away from Bin Zayed freeway.
Spire Mall is adjacent to the well-known iconic tower in the New Administrative Capital.
Spire Tower Dubai is close to Al Haditha Al Markaziyah.
The mall is close to Obsidore Tower Mall and Monorail Tower.

The design and space of the units within Spire Tower, the New Administrative Capital
Dubai Real Estate Company set out to build a great edifice on the land of the Administrative Capital Projects City, which it called the Spire Tower, which has many unique features, the most important of which is its huge area, which was divided between the area of the building itself and the varying units it contains, which makes many customers have freedom in choosing the most suitable for them, as for the green spaces that surround it to give it an attractive civilized look, we also find that the mall contains a ground floor + 25 recurring floors, and the units’ area is as follows:
The area of the shops in the Spire Tower project starts on the ground floor: from 30 square meters up to 160 square meters.
While the area of the shops on the first floor: starts from 28 square meters up to 508 square meters.
As for the space of the commercial units on the second floor: it starts from 40 square meters up to 70 square meters.
The Dubai company has provided the finest architectural designs, which are comparable to the same international models in terms of luxury and sophistication. The largest architects have been sought to put the best engineering touches to suit those with refined taste. As for the external facade, it is made of double glass, which reflects the external rays and prevents the entry of noise, which improves the productive process and has a distinctive view of the most beautiful scenery.

Services available within the Spire Tower New Capital Mall
The Dubai real estate company decided, when establishing its huge commercial project in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, to provide the largest number of services that meet your desires and needs, and these services are as follows:
Spire Mall has large electronic gates, including entry and exit, in order to facilitate movement inside it and prevent congestion and crowding.
Inside the mall, the best technological systems are available to provide the best customer experience, as you can control it remotely.
Spire Tower New Capital Mall includes a number of elevators and escalators that operate throughout the day and help you move between floors.
There is a distinguished internet network that operates at a high speed and has been distributed among the units to facilitate the production process.
Inside the Spire Mall, there are meeting rooms that are fully equipped in terms of huge display screens and sound equipment.
For lovers of fitness and body preservation, gymnasiums have been provided inside the mall, which include the largest number of modern sports equipment.
Distinctive entertainment services are available inside the mall, where there are spa and sauna rooms, and the best customer service is provided.
The Food Court area includes a number of restaurants and cafes, which offer the best distinguished service and the finest type of food and drinks.
Security and guarding services that work 24 hours a day, in order to preserve the property from inside and outside.
Distributing a number of advanced surveillance cameras to monitor the events that take place throughout the day, for more security.
There are generators that operate automatically when any power outage occurs, for a trouble-free working life.
There are distinctive firefighting systems and special alarms that work automatically for quick control.
Maintenance service within the Spire Tower Mall, which operates throughout the day to monitor and repair any malfunctions inside the Tower Mall.
Appointing a number of cleaners who collect garbage in order to provide a distinctive and problem-free working environment.

The unique features of the Spire Tower New Capital project
Spire Mall, the New Administrative Capital, has many unique features that made it one of the most distinguished projects in the region. These advantages are as follows:
The mall is unique in many features that attracted many customers to it, as it connects the most important roads and main freeways and is close to vital areas.
The area on which it is built is vast, which was divided between the green spaces and the area of the mall building and the units it contains.
The internal units of the mall vary in terms of types and spaces, so that you have the freedom to choose the most suitable for you.
A dancing water fountain is located inside the yard of the Spire Tower Mall, which works wonderfully throughout the day, befitting the urban appearance.
There is a mosque big enough for a large number of worshipers to perform prayers throughout the day.
The mall has a panoramic glass facade that offers the best views, as it reflects external sunlight and prevents sounds.
There are well-designed toilets on all floors, for men and women, for more convenience.
Providing a distinguished service to answer customer inquiries and present many proposals, and it is available throughout the day.

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Capital Dubai Mall and Spire Tower New Capital

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Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous price changes and instability, many real estate development companies have continuously adjusted the prices of their units, and therefore we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To find out the latest prices, please review and contact us at any time.

⬅ Prices and payment systems:
At the forefront of the success factors of Dubai Developments projects are the distinctive prices for its units, in addition to the multiplicity of very flexible reservation and payment systems, which come compared to the location of the distinguished projects and the services provided in them as a real opportunity for successful investment with reservation advances starting from 10%, and payment systems up to 8 years

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