company definition Arab Developers Holding

Arab Developers Holding Company is one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market since it was founded in 2005 AD, and it also has tremendous experience and a good reputation in this field, and it also seeks to provide everything that is new and advanced to create innovative urban communities according to urban development Modern, as the Arab Developers Company owns a portfolio of lands in the most important parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt, on which many mega projects are built, and this enabled it to obtain a large segment of customers with huge percentages of sales.
Capturing untapped potential and delivering healthy returns to clients and investors is what drives Arab Developers Holding Company.
To reform and expand the real estate industry in Egypt and the Middle East and also North Africa.
All by drawing on modern approaches with an unwavering commitment to design excellence.
With a rapidly growing record of integrated destinations, Arab Developers Holding Company has also become one of the leading real estate developers in the region.
And this was over the course of 16 years, and the Arab Developers Holding Company played an essential role in reshaping the real estate landscape in unexpected ways,
Where this was done by offering a wide range of high-end properties that cater to discerning buyers with advanced features that enhance buyers' living experience.
Arab Developers Real Estate Company provides a range of diversified projects, innovative lifestyle solutions and high-end services in order to provide unparalleled real estate investment options.
Inside the thriving markets around the world of palaces and villas but also shopping malls and golf courses.
And hotels, as well as luxury hotel apartments, and much more in order to work on a more advanced and luxurious life.
Members of the Board of Directors of the Arab Developers Company
Chairman of the Board of Directors/ Jamal Fathallah.
Professor Gamal Fathallah said in his last words that Egypt witnessed, during the last phase of its history, an unprecedented comprehensive urban renaissance that every Egyptian citizen could feel.
This renaissance includes several axes, most notably a generation of new sustainable and smart cities and a network of roads and facilities that connect all parts of the country to each other.
This is in addition to a strong infrastructure, and all these previous developments enhance Egypt's position regionally and globally.
This coincided with the merger of new investors in the company from sister Arab countries.
The desire for a new investment vision came in line with the company's aspirations in the next stage.
And the beginning of a new phase with its goals that all aim to serve the company's customers and achieve all their ambitions.
Group CEO/ Ayman Khalifa.
Financial Director / Rushdi Hassan.
The most important works of the Arab Developers Holding Company
NEOM 6 October Compound.
NEOM New Cairo Compound.
Park Mall New Cairo.
Neom Medical Hub New Cairo.