Diamond Tower New Capital administration

In front of the Iconic Tower directly on the Green River on Ben Zayed Axis

Commercial starting 30m2 Semi Finished

Administrative starting 50m2 Fully Finished

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Project details Diamond Tower New Capital administration

A prime location in the heart of Down Town. This is near Al-Massa Hotel and the government district. The project is also close to many important and attractive places there, such as the monorail station and Masr Mosque.
The developer has also provided multiple services within Diamond New Capital in a way that gives customers boundless comfort and luxury within the project. In addition, a variety of commercial, administrative, and hotel units have been provided, so that customers will have multiple investment opportunities.
Diamond Tower, the administrative capital
The developer of the Diamond Tower 2 project in the New Capital has chosen a privileged location that overlooks the main street of Downtown, with a width of 90 square meters. The project is also located at the entrance to the central park. In addition to being located near the most important areas and neighborhoods in the Administrative Capital, as follows:
Diamond 2 New Capital is located near the Green River, providing charming views of the units.
It is also close to the government district and Al-Massa Hotel, with a short distance.
In addition to being located a short distance from the Bin Zayed North Axis.
It is also close to The Office Mall, the Administrative Capital.
It is also located in the Tourist Towers area
Services and facilities Diamond Tower, the new administrative capital
Diamond 2, the Administrative Capital, includes a large number of services and facilities that give customers enjoyable times inside the mall, always making them feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are the most prominent of these services within Diamond Tower 2 New Capital:
Inside Diamond, there are 24-hour surveillance cameras, in addition to a highly trained security staff
There are also electronic gates for more security and safety for customers
There is also a high speed internet
There is also central air conditioning inside Diamond 2
In addition to providing a special area for international restaurants and cafes
The company developing the project is also interested in providing all maintenance services on a regular basis inside the mall
There is also a gym with the latest sports equipment, in addition to swimming pools.
The executing company of the project also took care of implementing vast green spaces inside the mall, beside the artificial lakes
A children's area with the latest safe recreational games
There is also a large mosque inside Diamond Tower 2 that can accommodate the largest possible number of worshipers
In addition to cinemas that operate with the latest technology
The mall also works with clean solar energy
There are also car parking garages
In addition to the presence of television circuits throughout the tower
In addition to the swimming pools
Diamond Tower, the Administrative Capital, prices and payment systems
The commercial meter starts from 45,000 pounds per meter.
The price of medical units starts from 27,000 pounds per meter.
The price per square meter for administrative offices and hotel units started from 27 thousand pounds.
As for payment and installment systems within the tower, and multiple systems that suit the budgets of all customers, as follows:
10% down payment and installments over 6 years
You can also pay a 15% downpayment and the remaining amount via installments over 7 years
It is also possible to pay 20% downpayment and installments over 8 years
In addition to the opportunity to pay installments over 9 years when paying a 35% downpayment